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NanoSmooth Pure

Keratin is a natural compound and is the protein that gives hair its strength. NanoSmooth Pure rebuilds the keratin within the hair that has been lost working on both the internal cortex and external protective layer, the cuticle.

The result is hair that has added elasticity, strength, vitality and incredible shine providing a smoother, softer and straighter finish.

Prices start from £120.00 

(£50 deposit required when booking)

£20.00 for extra half dose of product needed for thicker/longer hair
Treatment takes a minimum of two hours
A consultation for prices and times is recommended

Your Keratin Treatment Questions Answered

Will it make my hair permanently straight?

nanoSmoothpure is not a chemical straightener and is a semi-permanent smoothing treatment, which makes your hair straighter. It is based on your hair’s natural protein, the Keratin protein is infused straight into the hair by treatment unlike a chemical straightener. The treatment gradually washes out of the hair, but will last longer if you use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

How long does it last?

Depending on your hair type and how you look after you hair, a nanoSmooth Pure treatment lasts between 2 – 4 months. Your stylist will recommend products which will help you maintain and prolong the effect.

Will it make my hair smoother?

Yes, absolutely. Many women who have frizzy, puffy, and out-of-control hair have found that keratin treatment is the perfect solution.


Will I still need to use straightening irons?

Perhaps, it all depends on how curly your hair is naturally. Whatever your hair type you will need to use straightening tools less frequently.

Will it improve the condition of my hair?

Most definitely. The treatment is built around the hair’s natural building blocks, the protein Keratin. This is present in hair and nails and an infusion of the protein is highly nourishing for your hair. Your hair will look, feel and be much healthier.

Even without the straightening effects, a NanoKeratin treatment on its own helps badly conditioned or dry hair. It helps hair that is lacking in moisture and protein.

Those customers who try it for the first time are very often amazed at how their looks and feels, and that is one of the reasons so many of them come back a few months later to have another treatment.



Natural Vitamin-D lamps by Futura

Green light therapy is an effective treatment against signs of aging that also builds a gorgeous tan. Banish dark spots and discolouration while pigmentation is improved. This means that Green light therapy is very popular as a skin and anti-aging treatment. Rejuvenate skin, fade the appearance of freckles, liver spots and other hyper pigmentation associated with aging while the specialised green wavelengths soothe, calm and balance the body.

  • High ratio of UVB – For more Vitamin-D

  • Increased brightness – For a refreshing, calming tan

  • Green light aids tanning & pigmentation

  • Promotes wellness through the healing properties of green light


Research has shown that two hours of daily exposure to green light was just as effective in treating depression symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder according to a study published in 1991 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

The Natura Vitamin D by fusion is truly a lamp that doesn’t just help you look good, but feel good too.


3mins - £3 

6mins - £5 

9mins - £7

12mins - £9



60mins - £40

90mins - £60

120mins - £70


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