Hello and welcome back to Callisto style and some sort of a new normal. I wanted to send an email to you all just highlighting some of the guidelines that have been set out for us by the government before you come back to us, it is a bit of a lengthy read but I would really appreciate it if you could read it all the way through before you come back for your first appointment. As you know, with us being in wales, we have got the opening date of Monday 13th July 2020.

Firstly I would like to start off with how much we’ve missed you all and how we cannot wait to be back creating wonderful things with your hair, its been a long 4 months for us as well as you and your hair! There have been a few changes in the salon to accommodate the guidelines, plastic screens have been installed in between the stations, hand washing stations around the salon and new guidelines to keep us and you safe during your visit to us.

Before you come to your appointment with us at Callisto Style.

1) We ask that all clients arrive wearing a face mask or covering and if you do not have one then one will be available to purchase for £1 as we cannot allow you to enter without one.

2) Also we ask that you are symptom free and not been around anyone with symptoms 14 days before your appointment, if you have then please tell us and we can rearrange your appointment, you will be asked to fill in and sign a questionnaire upon your arrival to confirm this.

3) If you require a skin/patch test then this now needs to be done by appointment only so we can control the amount of people in the salon, please ring up to get that appointment in readiness for your main appointment.

Upon Visiting Callisto Style for your appointment.

1) So, as you all know, we can only operate on an appointment only basis, this means that no walk ins will be accepted, even if you are just buying products, this needs to be pre-arranged as well. I have been doing my best to ring round you all and discuss what you would want for your appointment and getting these booked in, if I haven’t contacted you yet don’t worry, as long as you have filled the form in on the website then I will be in touch, if you haven’t filled the form in to return to us after covid-19 then please head over to the website and do that now so I can contact you to arrange the appointment for you.

2) Timings have had to be altered slightly compared to before to allow time for cleaning in between clients so it is important that you arrive on time for your appointment and no more than 5 minutes early or no more than 5 minutes late to control the numbers in the salon and the waiting area. Please be prepared to queue outside the salon if there is not enough room when you first arrive. We will be operating a 1 out and 1 in basis through the main entrance so please wait until you are invited into come in.

3) We ask that you come to your appointment on your own where possible, we know that some of you have carers or drivers, and this is not a problem as long as you let us know beforehand. Also, we ask that children are accompanied by only one parent or carer.

4) There will be a cleaning station at the front of the salon, please sanitise your hands upon arrival before you sit down, this is when you will be asked to fill out the short questionnaire and sign it. Once your stylist is ready, they will come and take your temperature and take you to your station ready for your appointment.

5) Please do not bring any excess bags or clothing into the salon where possible and keep things to a minimum.

6) You are welcome to bring an iPad, phone, book, kindle etc as there will be no communal magazines to read but please ensure that it has been wiped and cleaned before coming into the salon.

7) Your stylist will be wearing a full-face shield as set out in the guidelines, but if you wish for them to wear a mask as well, then please ask and this can be done upon request.

8) We have not got a protective screen at the wash basins so we will only be able to have 1 person at a time at them, therefore some appointments may take longer than normal.

9) Each client will get a disposable pack once sat down at the station, this will include your gown, towel and the bits for the stylist which are all single client use.

10) We are not allowed to offer any drinks, except tap water when necessary, so please bring your own drink, and as before, please ensure they are cleaned before entering the salon. We just ask you to be mindful that you will have to remove your mask to have a drink so we ask that you do this carefully and if possible when the stylist is not working on your hair.

11) The toilet will be available to use during your visit, if you do use it, please tell your stylist so it can be cleaned straight after use ready for the next person.

12) If clients have an appointment around lunchtime then you are welcome to bring food in, but please only do this on longer appointments so you can eat whilst your colour is developing and the stylist is not with you as you will have to take your mask off. If you are in for a short appointment, then we ask if it is possible to wait until you leave to eat.

13) Please do not touch any of the products or the displays, you are welcome to buy the products as normal, but if you ask your stylist, they will get the products for you off the shelves.

14) We would appreciate if you could pay by card where possible, but we will be accepting cash if you need us too.

15) The awkward moment, tips. We greatly appreciate any tips that we receive, and we will still be able to accept cash tips but we will hold the open tip jar for you to place the money into the jar to avoid any contact, this will then be left for a week and then cleaned before handed out to the stylist.

16) If possible, we ask that you book your next appointment with us before you leave so that you can be guaranteed the appointment as the books are looking rather busy now.

17) We are unable to offer any offers or discounts upon reopening apart from 15% off keyworkers on their first visit back with us.

18) As you may be aware, we have not had a price increase since September 2018, and we were pleased we didn’t have to increase prices in 2019, the plan was to increase them in April 2020 to match inflation costs, and this was the plan just as lockdown happened, so our prices have increased slightly, but wanted to make you aware this is non covid related.

So that’s it from me, all the guidelines and changes should be there for you, if there is something you are unsure of or feel I have missed something then please don’t hesitate to ask one of us. We appreciate your cooperation with these, and we cannot wait to see you all back in the chairs soon.

Paula, Dani and Maci at Callisto Style

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